Prayer List

Please remember our Sisters and Brothers on this list in your prayers. If you would like to add any names, please e-mail us at, use the Contact Us link on the left menu, or send a note to Luke 17:3 Ministries, PO Box 684, Chestertown, NY 12817. You must include your full name although it will not be published on the list. We will pray for ANYONE and EVERYONE, not just victims of abuse. And YES, you can add yourself! ***Click HERE to visit our Prayer List For Pets.
***If we put you on our Prayer List and our prayers are answered, please let us know so we can glorify the Lord!


I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers….Philemon 4
And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he hath committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults to one another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much….James 5:15-16
Let us lift one another in prayer to Our Lord!
***There are so many needs our prayer list seems to grow by the day. Please pray for these folks for healing in their bodies, minds, and hearts. Thank you so much and may God bless you for blessing us~
Harry, Linda, Dan, Vince, Pat, Joe, Frank, Patty, Matthew, Franky, Mike, Christina, Marie, Theresa, Deana, Skyler, Ryan, Renee, Phil, Laraine, Debbie, Nine, Joyce, Lenore, Robbie, Lisa, Paul, Ingrid, Karen, Ashley, Ruby, Samantha, Millie.
*** Please pray for Sherri. She has just gotten a cancer diagnosis and has no family support.Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
***Urgent prayer is requested for Aleshia, who is 6 weeks pregnant. She has already lost two babies and the doctor is concerned about this 3rd pregnancy as well. Please pray for her and her baby. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors.
***Please pray for Denise for her continued success and God’s blessings, and that her family gets saved and her parents stop their evil.
***Please keep a little boy named Israel in your prayers. He is speech-delayed and not talking. Please pray for God to heal him and open his voice. Thank you so much.
***Please pray for Jeff, who is going through a bitter divorce. Prayer is requested for deliverance for him and his wife, especially from the Jezebel and Ahab spirits, and salvation for unsaved family and friends, and also a fair court ruling. Please especially pray for his two young children. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors and God bless you.
***Urgent prayer is needed for a tiny 2-week old baby girl Eden who was born with only 3 chambers in her heart. She is having surgery Wednesday, the first of several. Thank you Prayer Warriors. ***Praise Report~ Eden came through the surgery well, thank you Jesus! She needs to gain weight for more upcoming surgery and she isn’t. Please continue to pray. Thank you Prayer Warriors, God listens and answers.***Praise Report~ Baby Eden is growing and doing very well. Praise you Lord! Thank you all for praying, God is listening. Hallelujah! Glory to God!
***Urgent prayer is needed for Frank, who has a brain tumor and is going for more tests to find out what it is. It might be a spread of a previous cancer. Please pray Prayer Warriors and thank you so much.***Praise Report~ Frank had the tumor removed and treatment for cancer that had spread to his lung as well. He is now in remission with no sign of cancer. Glory to God! Thank you everyone for your prayers.

***Please pray for Michelle C. who is suffering great heartache because of abuse from her mother and siblings. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

***Please pray for C. and family who are under spiritual attack. Thank you Prayer Warriors.
***Please pray for brothers Carter and Jackson, two little boys. Thank you and God bless you.
***Please pray for Kelley who has a court date with a narcissist pending. She is dealing with several narcissists in her family. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
*** Urgent Prayer Request for Nelda Gray who just had a quadruple bypass. It had been 6 days and she still isn’t breathing without the respirator. Please pray for complete recovery and healing. Please also keep her husband Lawrence and family in prayer also as they await her healing. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors!
***Please keep Tracy’s family in prayer to get out of their abusive church.
***PRAISE REPORT: Ryan had his last chemo treatment and spinal tap just before Christmas. He is done with treatment and cancer -free! Thank you so much Prayer Warriors for keeping him in prayer all this time! And glory to God! Thank you Father!
***PRAISE REPORT: Little Ryan is doing very well and is cancer-free, praise the Lord. He has another three years of treatments ahead of him. Please continue to keep him and his family in your prayers. His family has also asked for special prayers for the other children who were in the cancer ward with Ryan and their families, some have not had such good news. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors! God is listening.
***Please keep Mindy in prayer. She is suffering from very serious surgical complications and is in need of a healing. Your prayers are very much appreciated.
***Please pray for our dear friends Scott and Kelly and their family. Their 5-year old son Ryan has been diagnosed with leukemia. He will be in the hospital far from home starting chemo this week. Please pray for a complete and perfect healing, and God’s strength, peace and freedom from the spirit of fear for all of them. Also in the midst of all they are going through, Ryan’s very loving parents have asked for prayer for Elsa, a little 3-year old girl he met in the hospital who also has leukemia, and her family as well. Please cover both families in prayers as their children go through treatment. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors, we are very grateful for your prayers.
***PRAISE REPORT: Several miracles have been wrought by our Lord including signals of distress from our dog which enabled Brother Frank to get treatment for a blocked artery in his heart before it caused a heart attack. He is recovering very well and all the glory goes to God! Thank you Father! We come to you in humble gratitude and give you praise. Please continue to pray for continued health, safety and protection from demonic attacks for me and my family, God bless you Prayer Warriors, thank you so much for keeping us covered in prayer as we get the devil mad by defying him and doing God’s work!
***PRAISE REPORT: The Lord has healed our sister of her breast cancer! It was completely removed during the surgery, did not spread, and chemotherapy is not needed. She was able to have targeted radiation treatments for 5 days instead of the usual 6 week course of radiation. Prognosis is excellent! Many thanks for all your prayers, they were greatly appreciated. Thank you Jesus and glory to God!
***PRAISE REPORT: Little Johnny and his Dad are both healing and doing very well after their kidney transplant. All the glory goes to God! Thank you Jesus!
***Please pray for Samantha and her son who has special needs, for protection and healing from narcissistic abuse.
***Please keep E. Vera and his family in prayer for protection from evil. Thank you very much Prayer Warriors.
***Please pray for Donna J. for freedom and protection from abuse. Thank you Prayer Warriors.
***Please pray for Elizabeth, Creta, and Tamara. Thank you Prayer Warriors!
***Urgent prayer request for Sister Marjie’s grandfather, who has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We are trusting in Jesus for a healing. Thank you Prayer Warriors and God bless you.
***Please pray for Lauren and her marital situation. Thank you Prayer Warriors and God bless you.
***Please keep the Rhodes Family in prayer for emotional healing and financial blessing. Your prayers are very much appreciated.
***Please pray for Travis for salvation and healing from abuse. Thank you so much, your prayers are greatly appreciated.
***Urgent prayer request for Little Johnny, a precious little boy who has been on dialysis for two years and is today undergoing a kidney transplant from his Dad. Please pray for a complete recovery for him and his Dad, and keep his whole family in prayer as they have been through so much. Thank you Prayer Warriors and God bless you!
***Please pray for our sister who just got a diagnosis of breast cancer, especially that upcoming tests will show it has not spread. Surgery is scheduled for Oct 7th, please pray that will go well too, and that God will be glorified with a complete healing. Thank you so much Prayer Warriors, your prayers are very much appreciated.
***Please pray for Danielle and Andrew who are going through a job loss situation, that the Lord will provide and open doors. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
***Prayer is requested for Margaret who going through chemo for pancreatic cancer. She also has a disabled child. Thank you and God bless you Prayer Warriors.
***Please keep Sister Sheri in prayer for peace and freedom from abuse. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!
***Please pray for Sister Susan and her sister to break the yoke of bondage from past abuse. Thank you Prayer Warriors!
***Please keep Sister Cynthia in prayer for her current situation to be resolved. Thank you Prayer Warriors, your prayers are very appreciated.
***Prayer is requested for Sister Tina to achieve her freedom from abuse. Thank you Prayer Warriors.
***Prayer is needed for Sister Linda and her family and their situation. Many thanks to our Prayer Warriors for your anointed prayers!
***Please pray for Sister Linda to be protected from evil. Many thanks, your prayers are appreciated.
***Please pray for Sister Sandy and her situation. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
***PRAISE REPORT: Brother Carlos has been reunited with his friend who he’s been searching for for 20 years. Great job Prayer Warriors and Thank You Jesus!
***Prayer is requested for Brother Carlos to find his friend. Thank you Prayer Warriors.
***Urgent prayer request for Lynette who is battling cancer. Her parents are very old and dear friends of Sister Renee and her family, please pray for a healing for Lynette and also keep her family in prayer. Thank you Prayer Warriors and God bless you!
***Please pray for Sister Adrienne for healing, wisdom, and peace. Thank you Prayer Warriors!
***Please pray for Linda and her sister who both have cancer. Thank you!
***Please keep Sister Katie in your prayers for her home situation and healing. Your prayers are very appreciated.
***Prayer is needed for Sister Kelley and her family for God’s hand on their situation. Thank you Prayer Warriors!
***Please pray for Sister Bridget and her family for healing and restoration. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
***Please keep Sister Tanya’s family in prayer for deliverance from the enemy and evil, and especially her two young children for deliverance from an evil narcissistic relative. Please pray for protection and peace. Thank you Prayer Warriors.
***Please pray for Victor. He lost his mother at age 9, and now his father has suddenly passed away also. Victor is in the military and thank God was able to get home before his Dad died. Your prayers for Victor and his family are greatly appreciated.
*** Urgent Prayer Request for 9 year old Ariel, who is suffering from a violent high fever, neck, back, and head pain. She has been very sick for 4 days and might possibly have meningitis. Her family is waiting for test results. Please keep this sweet child in prayer for a full and speedy recovery and blessings on her and her family. Thank you Prayer Warriors, your prayers are very much appreciated.
***Please keep Sister Sally in prayer for discernment, a word of knowledge, and wisdom concerning a situation in her life which she needs to make a decision about. Thank you for your prayers.
***Please pray for Sister Deanne, who is going through a period of great turmoil and upheaval in her life. Your prayers for guidance, wisdom, and the Lord’s counsel are greatly appreciated.
***Please keep Debbie in your prayers for comfort, peace, and blessings. She needs a touch from the Lord. Thank you Prayer Warriors.
***Prayer is requested for Sister Jennie’s nephew. He is a Marine who has just been deployed. Please pray a hedge of protection around him so he returns safely to his loved ones. Thank you Prayer Warriors, we are very appreciative of your prayers and caring.
***PRAISE REPORT: Ida and Mike had some great news this week. They were told not only that Ida is a good candidate for a bone marrow transplant, but that there is every possibility it will control/cure her cancer for a long time. They were only praying for a little more time, but now God has granted them hope for much longer. Praise the Lord! Thank you so much Prayer Warriors for keeping Ida and Mike in prayer. Please don’t stop- prayer works! ***UPDATE: Ida has had her marrow transplant and is doing very well! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus! ****UPDATE: Ida is cancer-free, the bone marrow transplant worked! Praise the Lord! And thank you Prayer Warriors!
***Prayer is requested for Ida who is battling bone cancer. She is traveling to a well-known cancer hospital this week to see if she is a candidate for a bone marrow transplant which will buy her more time. Please keep her husband Mike and their family in prayer too. Your prayers are very appreciated.
***PRAISE REPORT: Brother Joe has been accepted into the lung transplant program at a well-known university hospital. Praise God for the wonderful news. Please continue praying- there is a 2-3 year wait to get on the transplant list. Thank you again Prayer Warriors.***UPDATE: Brother Joe has been told he’s not a candidate for a transplant due to other health issues. But his new doctors have some news drugs they’re going to try. Joe and his family are very relieved that these are very good drugs and stand a good chance of helping him. Please continue praying, God is working here!
***Please keep Brother Joe P. in prayer for healing in his body. He needs a lung transplant and his lung disease is affecting his kidneys and heart. Please pray that he will be able to get on the transplant list and the Lord will remove all obstacles and he will get his transplant quickly and be restored to good health. Thank you Prayer Warriors, we are very grateful for your prayers.
*** Please pray for Sister Taylor and the screen play she is writing. Pray for direction from the Holy Spirit and that she may hear his voice and that her screenplay will be pleasing to the Lord and accomplish his will.
***Please keep Sister Donna in your prayers for protection and peace and a touch from the Lord. Thanks Prayer Warriors, you’re prayers are very much appreciated.
***PRAISE REPORT: Sister K.’s kidneys have started working again. She is out of the hospital and her cancer did not come back! Praise God- He is so good! Thank you Jesus! And many thanks to all our Prayer Warriors for praying for Sister K.
***Urgent Prayer Request for Sister K. who has been hospitalized for kidney failure and a possible recurrence of cancer. Please keep her in prayer for a touch from the Lord and a full and complete healing. Thank you , Prayer Warriors, your prayers are very much appreciated.
***Please pray for salvation and deliverance for Moses. Thank you Prayer Warriors, your prayers are much appreciated!
***Please pray for a healing for Charlie. He has just gotten a terminal diagnosis and been told he has three months to live. He needs a miracle from the Lord. He is very grateful for your prayers.
***A Special Prayer Request goes out for all the Firemen, Police Officers, Emergency Squad members, and Good Samaritans who give so generously and risk their own lives and safety to help all of us. We are very grateful to you. May God bless you and keep you safe.
***Prayer is requested for all the helpless victims of animal cruelty. Dogs, cats, horses, and all the other animals are God’s creatures just like we are, and they suffer just like we do. Please pray for protection for the animals, and also for their rescuers.
***PRAISE REPORT: Update on my son’s friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 23. The Lord has answered prayer and healed him! Praise God! He is cancer free, has become a police officer, and is getting married in a few months. His family and friends are overjoyed and very very thankful to the Lord and to all our Prayer Warriors. Thank you all so much!
***Please pray for Nicholas P. who has diabetes and has also just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Little Nicholas is only 5 years old and he and his family are going through very hard times trying to deal with his illnesses. They really need a touch from the Lord. Your prayers for all of them are very, very appreciated. Thank you, Prayer Warriors!
***Please pray for our Missionaries, who move themselves and their families to foreign countries and face many dangerous situations to spread the Word of God to the unsaved and win souls for Jesus. Let’s cover them in prayer for safety and protection and for a blessing on their ministries.
***Please pray for healing and deliverance for K.R. who is battling addictions and the results of an accident. He is grateful for your prayers.
***Please pray for all abused and neglected children and children of narcissistic, borderline, or mentally ill parents, especially those who manage to stay under the radar by hiding the abuse so that Child Protective Services cannot find out or so reports that are made cannot be proven. Many of these children suffer or are killed every year, and much of the abuse is mental or emotional and is almost impossible to prove. We need to pray that the truth will come out in all these cases so that the children can be protected.
***Please keep Sister D. Jones in prayer for urgently needed protection from abuse and a healing touch from the Lord. Your prayers are very appreciated.
***PRAISE REPORT: The Lord has delivered Sister Christina’s step-children out of the situation they were in. They are safe and sound. Praise God! And Thank You Prayer Warriors for covering these innocent children in prayer.
***PRAISE REPORT: Thank you Jesus for giving our son a great new job which he got against all odds after overcoming many obstacles by God’s grace. Thank you for financial blessings for both of our children. With God all things are possible! Thank you Holy Spirit for your counsel and many gifts! Thank you Heavenly Father for all you provide!
***Please pray for our sister who is going through a very hostile divorce after over 20 years of intense abuse. Her ex has turned her children against her and won’t let her see them. Court dates are approaching so please pray for victory. Our dear sister is heartbroken and in great need of prayer and to see God’s hand in all of this. Thank you Prayer Warriors, we are deeply grateful for your prayers.
***PRAISE REPORT: Ed went to the hospital today for his dangerous and very frightening heart procedure, but the doctors could not find anything wrong with his heart! The procedure was cancelled and he is home safe! Hallelujah! Only the Great Physician could have done this! We were praying earnestly though the night and this morning Ed was healed with no medical intervention! Glory to God and thanks be to our Lord and Savior Jesus! Ed and his family are very grateful for all your prayers! Thank you, Prayer Warriors, and God bless you!
***Please pray for Ed, who is having serious heart problems and will be hospitalized in two weeks for a procedure to try and remedy his illness. They are going to stop his heart and start it again, which is terrifying for him and his family. When he could not go to work because or his health, his boss of 16 years fired him, and then canceled his health insurance without telling him! So, instead of being able to concentrate on regaining his health, Ed is now worried about medical bills and where he might be able to get another job. He and his family are in great need of your prayers. Thank you and God bless you, Prayer Warriors!
***Urgent prayer is requested for Kevin who is a young man hospitalized with severe depression. Please pray for healing, strength, and peace. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

***Please pray for deliverance and salvation for Kelly and John.

***An urgent prayer request has been received. Please pray for the Lord’s protection for Sister Christina’s step-children. Thank you Prayer Warriors- we are very grateful for your prayers.
*** Prayer is requested for Jenny whose doctors discovered a mass in her brain while treating her for injuries from a car accident. Thank you for your prayers.
***Please keep Margaret & Abel in your prayers. They lost their 5-year old daughter to cancer. She was their only child and they are not able to have any more children. Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and healing touch for their broken hearts.
***PRAISE GOD!! HE IS SO WONDERFUL! This week two families were re-united! One joyful reunion was that we found my niece Franny! Not knowing where Franny was was such a hole in our hearts. We had not seen her in three years. I had asked you all to pray 9 months ago, and you were so kind to help us and take the time to lift our troubles to the Lord. And now God has answered our prayers! We spoke on the phone this week and Franny and her baby are fine. They only live 150 miles from us, so we hope to see them in person this summer, depending on her schedule. She was so overjoyed to have us back in her life, and we are so overjoyed to have her back in our lives. Because of your prayers, she has her only family back and my sons have their cousin back! Thank you so much dear Sisters and Brothers, for praying for us! Glory and profound gratitude to our Lord!
***Please keep Sister Sheila in your prayers for protection and peace.
***Please pray for the Lord’s protection for Sister Terry and Kenneth and for peace in their lives.
***My Testimony of Praise- As many of you know, in 2005 the enemy’s attacks on our family were relentless. The year started with our oldest son needing all four wisdom teeth pulled. In March, my husband fell off a ladder and broke his hip. The night after his surgery, our younger son was taken to the emergency room with food poisoning. He spent two days in the hospital and lost two weeks from work. My husband was in the hospital and rehab for three weeks and had a long, difficult recovery. One night I couldn’t swallow and had a lot of pain in my face and head. At first they thought I was having a stroke, but it turned out to be Bell’s Palsy, and my blood-pressure had skyrocketed. I was told the Bell’s Palsy would get worse and could last a year- but I went home and prayed, and it was better the next day. Hallelujah! Then in July, my husband had a heart attack, more surgery, and another long recovery. Shortly after that, our youngest son was again taken to the hospital, this time with chest pains. Thank God, it was only a pulled muscle in his chest. In the next few months, he needed minor surgery as well as two wisdom teeth pulled. Throughout the whole year, our two dogs had a total of seven surgeries between them, for cancer, torn ACL, dislocated knee, recurrent and painful hematoma in an ear, etc. We finished the year with another emergency room visit for our youngest son, who needed his appendix taken out. Later we found out it had ruptured, but the Lord spared him a serious infection.
Through every disaster, we trusted in the Lord and he pulled us through every one. We are all recovered now and doing fine, even our dogs. God is so good. The stress and fear can be overwhelming sometimes, but I can’t imagine going through it if I didn’t have my Father to lean on. Each and every situation we went through last year could have been so much worse, if it were not for Jesus protecting us every minute. By his grace alone do we stand! I just want to give all the glory and honor to God for his mercy in protecting me and my family. As we look back on that year from hell, we are so thankful that at least we are all here to look back on it! Thank you, Father! We praise you, Lord!
Manny Acevedo, Aahoo, A.J. and Son for salvation, Pastor Dave & Lynne Adams & Family, Sister Adrienne, Sister Aimee, Barbara Allan, Richard Allen, All Those in Service to the Lord, All Those With Sorrowful Hearts, All Victims of Abuse, Sister Anna, Sister Nancy A., American Association of Christian Counselors, Sister Amy & Brother Randy, Alison Andrews, Catherine Andrews, David Andrews, Hannah Andrews, Rachel Andrews, Shirley Andrews, Arlene’s brother for repentance and her parent for protection, John B. and his siblings, Sister Joyce Apolant, Apostolic Church of God, Ashley, Our Atmore Brothers, Brother David & Sister Theresa A., Amber B., Sister Josie B. & Family, Brother Steven B., Terri B. for healing, Baldwin Family, Rodney Ball, Sister Trina Ball & Family, April B., Michael Basche, The Basta Family, Sister Belinda, Jennifer Bell & Family, Bellini Family, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Betty, Betty C. & Family, Biblical Deliverance Ministries, Bill for deliverance and help in making better choices, Sister Bliss, Marsha & David Bowen, Dr. Bob & Family, Brandon, Brooke, Sister Eileen B., Elaine B. & Family, Louis B., Pamela B., Sister Bridget & Family, Broderick Family, Sister and Brother Bromley and Family, Bryanna, Kathy Bucceri, Kim & Duane Bullard & Family, Anthony Burger Family, Karen & Joe Burka & Family, Michelle C., Sister Rose C., Brother Phil C., Cafaro Family, Eileen Cajigas, Calvary Assembly of God, Cam’ron, Cam’ron’s Mom for financial blessing, The Cancer Foundation For The Hopeless, Sister Cara and her husband, Brother Carlos, Cartier Family, Cecilia, Cedar for deliverance & salvation, Charlie & Debby & Family, Chris Family, Charlie & Marie for salvation, Sister Barbara C. ,Chris, The Christian Life-Times,, Cilenti Family, Sister Carol C., Sister Mandy Clark & Baby Jeremiah, Neil & Taylor Clarke, Cline Family, Colleen, Cornerstone of Hope Ministries, Courtney, Costanza Family, Creta, Lindsay C., Sister Nancy Crook & Family, Crossroads Bible Institute, Cuttitta Family, Sister Cynthia, Daisy, Darlene & Jane, Daughters of the King Ministry, Pastor Dave & Family, Brother Jim Davis & Family, DeAnna, Deborah for her family situation and financial blessing, Sister Teri D. for healing her broken heart, Bob D., Sister Debbie, Delaportes Family,, The Dolezal Family, Ellen D. Jessy Dixon & Family, Sister Racheal D. & Family for healing and deliverance, Refugia E., Sarah E. for protection and healing from unrepentant narcissistic relatives, Edwards Family, Pastor Mary Elberfeld, Elizabeth, Judy E. and her Mom, Deanne E. & Angus, Elaine, Barbara & Bob English & Family, Eric for salvation, Sister Erin for protection and deliverance from abuse, Eric, Matthew Ervin, Brian E., Pastor Joe & Maryann Esposito & Family, Nancy F., Rose Marie F. and her son and their new life of freedom, Faith Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Sister Faith for healing and financial blessings, Farrell Family, Bill & Ann Fleming, James Flynn, Dr. Rev. Annmarie & Elder Lefty Fontanez & Family, Ariel Floyd, Sister Kathy & Brother Frank Forbes & Family, The Ford Family, The Fratz Family, Frank for healing, Gloria & Bill Gaither Family & Friends, Full Foundation Pentecostal Church, Gates Family, Sister Rachel G., Celine Gallagher, Dave G., Jim G., Michele G., Tess G., Sister Christel Gast, Mark Gast, Gates Family for healings, Ginger for salvation, Shanen Giolet, Global Cause Network, Global Harvest Ministries, Sister Gina G., Rev. John Gravagna & Family, Laura G. for healing, Nick Graziano, Pastor Tim Greco, Henry D. Guerra, Sister Rachael G. and family, Sister H., Melissa H., Keith Hansen & Family, Harvest Mission Church, Harvest Vision Church, Hart Family, Harvest Christian Fellowship and the Harvest Crusade, Heaven’s Grocery Store Food Bank, Heidi for deliverance & salvation, Lee Heller & Family for comfort & salvation, Gabe Hernandez, Higher Ground Empowerment Center, Hill Family, Mary Ann & Al Hocke, The Hoekstra Family, Ruth & Gerald Hofford, Cindy & Gary Hogan & Michael, M. Hogan & Family, Our Holman Brothers, Rick H., David H.,Howard for salvation, Iglio Family, Rev. Richard Ing, Inside Journal, Irwin Family, Israel and his Mom Antoinette, Sister Donna J., Eleanor J. and Family, Katherine J., John Paul & Diane Jackson & Family, Ms. Jackson for salvation, Jackson for escape from evil, Bishop Jakes and Family, Jamarra, Linda Malik Naierobe Jamel, Jane’s grandchildren, Janis and her daughter for forgiveness and healing, Janice M., Ruth Jash, Jasmine for healing, Jayette, J.C. & Friends, Jensen Family, Jenn for healing, Jennifer from the UK for protection from bullying, Jesus 2U Ministry, Jesus Wept Ministry, Sister Jill, Jill and Abby, Joe & Family for salvation, Pastor Dexter Johnson & Family, James Johnson, Jonas Clark Ministries, D. Jones, Joshua, Joy & Frankie in the UK, Jubilee Christian Center, Judy for her family situation, Sister Kara, Kathy & Family for salvation, Kathy F. for healing, Sister Diane K., Lisa K. and her sons, Karen K., Pastor Paul Keehr & Family, Kelly & John, Colleen Kelly, Marty Kelly & Family, Kevin, Sister Kelley & Family, Kim and her children for protection from evil, Marie & Bob Kohler & Family, Kori for spiritual warfare, Kortni and family, Kraeling Family, Rose Marie Kreuder, Karen L., Brother Joe L., Julie L. for financial blessing and healing, Melissa L., Lake Hamilton Bible Camp, Lance for salvation, Ronald Leo LaRocco, Brenda L. for healing, Brother Chris L. , Sister Marilyn L., Lasher Family, Pastor Greg Laurie and Family, Sister Carol L. for healing, Lawry Family, Michelle Leberfinger, Lettermen Family, Light Learning Institute, Light of the World Missions, Lin, Sister Linda, Dr. Rev. R.J. & Rev. Sharen Lightsey, Lightsey Ministries, Sister Linda, The Lippolt Family, Lizzy, Lori and Son, Gary Lowe, Luke 17:3 Ministries, Becky M. & Family, Rose M., Cousin Mike Maguire, Mae, Maggie and her husband, Manuel for salvation, Marian, Sister Margaret and Family, Sister Marge for healing, Sister Marlana and her children, Mary Ann, Sister Mary H. Sister Marva & Family, Sister Mary for healing, Mason and his wife for protection and healing, Henry Masone, Richard Masone, The Master Commission, Angelita Mathews, Richard Matos & Family, Jack Matson, Kai Matson, Mauer Family, Sister May, Josef Mayer, Ryan McCormick & Family for healing, Ellen McCoy for healing, The McGovern Family, The McKee Family, Lou M. and Family, Brother Craig McLaren, McLaughlin Family, Jay Meehan, Lois Mellinger, Michele, Sister Michele, Mike for salvation, Millan Family, Frances Miller & Family, Harry Miller, K. Miller, Kevin Miller, Lucia Miller, Tish Miller, Eric Mitchell, Roe Mitchell, Tom Mitchell & Family, Sister Sheri M., The Montalban Family, Mya, Charla Nash and the Nash Family, Nashanti, Nealon Family, Sister Michele N., Nadia and Felicia, Sister Nikki, New Horizon Ministry, Lori N. and Family for healing and freedom from generational curses, Nicholas Ng’ang’a and his ministry, Nicholas N for healing of epilepsy, witchcraft, and generational curses, Noni for healing of blood cancer, Northway Family Christian Church, Nya, Oates Family, Bill Ober, O’Dell Family, Orville Mustard Seed & Oil Ministries, Our Men & Women in the Military, Sister S.P., Patricia for healing, Paula, Paulie, Marlene Pearl, Paula for protection and healing, Peggy and her children, Penny R., Penrod Family, Arnold Perez, Brother Robert P. for comfort on the loss of his friend, Sister Bonita P. for a word from the Lord on her ministry and life, Laurie Perkins & Family, Perry Family, Mary Lou & Chris Peterkin, Cat Phillips, Jimmy P. for protection, Chad & Christina P. & Family, Linda P. for God to bring good people into her life, Pastor Darrell Perkins and Family, Pittelli Family, Patty Plachinski and Family, Patricia, Prison Evangelical Outreach, Prisoner’s Web, Jenny Proffill, Brother Chad Prosser & Family, Linda P. for healing and a good job, Beth Ann R. for healing, Gisele R., Peggy R. and Family, Rachel and her Family, Radio Bible Class Ministries, Sister Ramona, Danielle and Andrew Raymond, Sister Tina R., Sister Eileen R., Sister Rebecca and her husband and children, Penny Redmond & Family, Sarah Rhodes and Family, Rhonda, B. & M. Richards and Family, Lynne Richards, Sister Nancy Richards, River of Life Deliverance Ministries, Dr. Carole Robeson, Joyce & Ken Rommel & Family, Linda & Bob Reichel, Reynolds Family, Gert Riggio for healing, Sister Laura R. & Family, Roberts Family, David & Cheryl Robertson, Rodriguez Family, Rohini and Hemant for freedom from oppression, Julie Lynn Rose & Family, M. Rose for protection and healing, Roseanna for healing, Pastor Ross D., & Family, Sister Laura R. and Family, Rossignol Family, Russell Family, Ruth and her sisters, Rich S. & Family, Barbara Sabia and Family, Frank S. & Family, Jan S. for protection and healing from unrepentant narcissistic relatives, Kevin S., T. Saitta & Family, Saldana Family for healing, Santos Family, Sam Schilling, Taylor Schilling, Jenn & Mike Schuettinger & Family, Raymond Schwenk, Katy & Ed Seeley & Family, Scott & Kelly Seeley & Family, Sister Sherry for healing and deliverance, Sherry’s family for deliverance, Sister Mallory Servello & Family, Shaffer Family, M. & G. Slywka & Family, L. & P. Smith & Family, Laura Smith, Selma Smith, Solid Rock Assembly of God, Carmen Soto, Felix Soto, Jr., Karen S., Severiana Soto, Sister Barbara Spencer, Spoken Word Deliverance Ministries, Lisa Sprenkle, Cathy S., Sister Sally S., Sister Sandy, Shakiya, Sister Sharen for counsel, wisdom, and protection, Sharon for financial blessing, Sister Susan and her sister, St. Paul UMC in Fayette MO, The Stallone Family, Stephanie, Suzie & Joe, Susan & daughters, ister Susan & Family for financial blessing, Susan for peace and healing, Suzie for salvation, Sister Sheila Sullivan, Debra S., Szczesny Family, Cheryle T. & Family, Amarn Taengsamut, Lenore Taormina & Family, The Circuit Rider, Tamara, Sister Tanya & Family, Pastor John Tether and Family, The Lord’s House of Prayer, Sister Karen T., Thomas Family, Sister Tiley, Tim for salvation, Timothy, Sister Pam T., Susan T. for protection and counsel, Heinrich Tischer, Tom for healing, Sister Tracey, Jesse Urena & Family, Dr. Sam Vaknin, Anna Valerious and Family, Jorge V., Velez Family, Vera Family, Ann Vespa & Family, Veterans of All Wars, Victor & Family, Viv and Family, Sister Vivian & Family, Vonnie & Family, Wanda’s daughter and grandchildren, George W. for salvation, Jimmy W., Diane Wallace, Kevin White & Family, William for salvation, Jennifer Williams & Baby Lara, Sister Paula Williams, Brother Peter & Sister Eileen Williams & Family, Sister Nancy Willis, Art Wilson, Willys Family Women of Substance Ministries, Becki W. for healing and peace, Sister Joan W., Mary W. for healing, Rebecca W. and family, Sharee W.
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