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For Answers to Tough Questions ( Unconditional Forgiveness, Forgiveness Without Repentance, Dealing With Rejection, When Your Attempts at Reconciliation Are Rebuffed, etc.):

     Radio Bible Class Ministries (est. 1938) has articles and books written by many pastors and ministers.



Don’t miss this great interview on forgiveness with David Augsburger, Professor of Pastoral Care at Fuller Theological Seminary. CLICK HERE TO READ OR LISTEN.


What about ‘Honoring’ abusive parents?  See Christianity Today’s article:


For a great article on how your abuser will lie about you to others and try to turn them against you read  ‘The Smear Campaign’:


Why are you sticking around, or coming back for more??? Great article and checklist on Traumatic Bonding with Abusers and Psychopaths:



***Don’t miss the wonderful website Light’s House. It’s chock full of great articles and resources on Toxic Parents,the things they do, and how to deal with them. I highly recommend the section on Reducing Contact, especially Light’s step-by-step guide and resources for protecting yourself when your abusive parent will not leave you alone.  CLICK HERE to visit this very helpful site.


Unsure of exactly what you’re dealing with? Check out the Characteristics Of Narcissistic Mothers. Click HERE.

For a list of unusual Strange Psycho Behaviors, Click HERE.

For a list of Abuse You May Not Realize is really abuse, Click HERE.


For a healthy dose of common sense, don’t miss Anna Valerious’  well-written, fascinating, and educational blog Narcissists Suck  CLICK HERE.


Jam-packed with educational material and helpful, healing suggestions, make sure to check out this wonderful resource whose motto is “The Pain Stops Here.” (PLEASE NOTE: This is a secular forum, not a Christian forum)- Daughters of Narcissistic CLICK HERE.


A favorite excuse for abuse- “I’m Not Perfect”- or should it really be “I’m Just Plain Evil”?  Check out Soaring Dove’s great analysis on her blog, CLICK HERE.


Are you dealing with a Narcissist?  For the most extensive study on narcissistic abusers and how to deal with them, check out Dr. Sam Vaknin’s website.

 *******    WHY do Narcissists just love to ruin our holidays (and other good times)????

Click on:  *******


Narcissism Book of Quotes

Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited EXCERPTS

The Developmental Psychology of Psychopathology

The Conundrums of Psychology

Here are more very helpful sites from Dr. Sam Vaknin:



What is Abuse? The various faces of abusive behavior and coping methods.

Spousal and Domestic Abuse advice
Abusive Relationships Newsletter Archive

‘Traumatic Bonding’ and the Psychology of Torture

The cultural and social dimensions of traumas – Traumas as Social Interactions:

The narcissist and his family – The malignant narcissist abuses his family

The narcissist in the workplace – abuse and bullying in corporate settings

Articles about verbal, emotional, and spousal abuse, domestic violence, and workplace bullying


Domestic Violence FAQs

FAQs regarding abusive relationships and the psychodynamics of abusers.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Discussions, journal entries and links regarding the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and relationships with abusive narcissists.

Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Discussions, journal entries and links regarding verbal and emotional abuse in relationships.

Spousal Abuse and Domestic Violence

Discussions, journal entries and links regarding domestic violence and spousal abuse.

Open Site Family Violence

Abusive Relationships FAQs

FAQs, articles, chat transcripts and resources regarding relationships with abusers

More Abusive Relationships FAQs
The Infinite Mind Radio Show – Narcissism
Listen to ‘Psychopaths in Suits’ on Australia’s ABC Radio
Or read the transcript here:


Are you dealing with a relative who has no conscience? Check out for help in identifying, dealing with, and leaving sociopaths, including personality traits of sociopaths, manipulation techniques they use, the ‘pity play’, how to spot a con artist, and recommended books.  The site is geared toward spouses and domestic partners, but the info it gives is relevant to all relationships with any family member or friend.


Great links for learning about and dealing with abusive relationships with the Borderline Personality Disordered, Narcissists and Psychopaths:

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families:

The Psychopath Free Forums:

Psychopath Group:

The Nook For Victims of Those With BPD:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Group:

For Adult Children of Narcissists and Psychopaths:

 Voicelessness and Emotional Survival Message Board:


BY POPULAR DEMAND 🙂  For information on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare: (be sure to check the books available on most of these sites as well):

FREE download of Gene & Earline Moody’s The Deliverance Manual-

Demonbusters website:

Francis Frangipane:

Elijah House- John & Paula Sandford:

Streams Ministries- John Paul Jackson:

Jonas Clark Ministries:

Global Harvest Ministries- Doris Wagner:,asp?action=power

Jesus Work Ministry

Spoken Word Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance From Demons- Rev. Bill McGinnis

Christian Warfare- with Intercessor Team

Recommended books:

The Handbook For Spiritual Warfare, Dr. Ed Murphy

Strongman’s His Name…What’s His Game,  Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson

Strongman’s His Name, II,  Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson

Spiritual Warfare,   Richard Ing

Demons, The Answer Book,   Lester Sumrall

How To Cast Out Demons, Doris M. Wagner

The Three Battlegrounds, Francis Frangipane (and other books by Francis Frangipane)

Exposing Spiritual Witchcraft, Jonas Clark

Come Out! Handbook For The Serious Deliverance Minister, Jonas Clark

Needless Casualties Of  War, John Paul Jackson


To study the Jezebel and Ahab Spirits:

     Jonas Clark, Spirit of Life Ministries  (Jezebel, Seducing Goddess of War!)

     Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit, by John Paul Jackson

     The Latter Rain Page

     Sure Word Ministries

    Confronting Jezebel: Discerning and Defeating The Spirit Of Control, by Steve Sampson

     Jezebel or Ahab Spirit- Article by Pam Clark- 

     End-Time Deliverance Ministry-

  For A List Of Characteristics Of The Jezebel Spirit:  


Christian Resources: A mega site of Bible, Christian, and religious information, studies and commentaries  

     ChristSites- A Christian search engine listing many great websites

     Praize- an online Christian Community including search engine, chat, news, shopping, etc. 

     Fish the Net- an excellent index of Evangelistic sites and source of information.

Uplifting Down-Home Gospel Music:

     Try the Gaither Homecoming Series videos, CDs, and tapes. 

Inspiration- Do Not Miss This Site- It is such a Blessing:

Cancer Foundation For The Hopeless and Cornerstone of Hope Ministries, Pastor Annmarie Fontanez, Overseer:


To Order Books:

   Christian Book Distributors: